Trump must be Crowned to Make America Great Again

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There is much excitement this election season about Donald Trump being the first non-politician candidate to rule the country. However, once he wins the election, the excitement will inevitably die down and after his term is up, we will be back to where we were. We must then ask ourselves whether we want to truly make America great again, permanently.

Politicians must be kept away from power for as long as possible to prevent them from ruining the country, and the safest way to do that is with a crown.

Here are 10 reasons why we should abolish the Republic and crown Trump:

  1. Fulfilling Promises: No matter how much Trump wants to, Congress will never allow him to build a wall, ban Muslims, or implement any of the other reforms that he has promised. Both the Republicans and Democrats will be united in blocking his efforts. Trump can’t make America great again when he is blocked by the establishment.
  2. Permanent Greatness: After 4-8 years, Trump will be gone, and the establishment will regain their power. They will have learned Trump’s tactics and will use it to manipulate the masses once again. Trump needs to keep making America great for the rest of his life, not just a couple of years.
  3. Imperial Family: Trump has good genes. His father was a millionaire, Donald is a billionaire, and his sons show that same practical intelligence that he has. A Trump imperial family will not only give us good rulers for a long time, but would give us a beautiful Queen and a model royal family.
  4. Hillary: If Trump’s term expires after 8 years, Hillary Clinton will be pardoned by the next president. With Trump as monarch, Hillary will be in jail for the rest of her life.
  5. Reversal of Multiculturalism: Trump will stand up for European-American values and will not allow illegals to take over our country. If we allow politicians back, they will tear down his wall to get more voters and destroy our culture.
  6. Real Leadership: We will have a leader that is not afraid of talking with rivals such as Vladimir Putin and will work all around the world to get good deals for Americans. He will represent the national interest without apologies and appeasement, and instead will work for stability in the world.
  7. Consistent Foreign Policy: Both our enemies and our friends will know what to expect from us. We won’t be allied to a country one day, and then four years later decide that we need to stab our ally in the back with a revolution to spread democracy.
  8. No Lobbyists: Without elections, there will be no corrupt lobbyists pulling the strings; power won’t be for sale anymore.
  9. Separation of Powers: There will be a real separation of powers instead of the illusion of separation that we have today. Politicians will no longer have absolute power and will be counter-balanced by our monarch.
  10. Reversing Liberal Lunacy: With a monarch, politicians will no longer be able to sell the population on crazy trans-gender bathroom policies and cultural sensitivity training. People will finally be able to just go about living their lives.

We’ve seized the power from the politicians; let’s be wise and keep it away from them. Support the Crown. Support Trump.

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